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About us

Our Story

At Premiumreal, we envision a world where opportunities are not constrained by borders or currencies. We are a Canadian-based fintech company built for immigrants and everyone in between. Our advanced multi-currency financial app enables our users to send and receive money across the globe smoothly, securely, and with zero fees.

Established from hands-on experience in navigating complex cross-border transactions, Premiumreal emerged with the goal of simplifying the process, making it simpler, faster, and more affordable. We understand the challenges of sending money back home, paying bills abroad, or conducting international business – the hidden fees, the frustrating delays, the constant worry about exchange rates. That's why we've created a platform that removes these barriers and lets you focus on what truly matters which is connecting with loved ones, supporting your family, and pursuing your dreams without financial limitations.

Our Mission

With 0% fees for cross border money transfers, Premiumreal provides users with smooth transactions free from worry about losing money. Premiumreal Technologies was founded to address these demands in the immigrant community, whether they are sending money to family, purchasing goods, purchasing real estate, or paying for tuition.


Our Values

customer-firstCustomer First
team-workTeam Work
contant-improvementConstant Improvement
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